Eduving Porras Molina, the Venezuelan artist who triumphs with his geometric and colorful art in SheinX

Eduving Porras Molina

By Ramsés Mendoza

The Venezuelan graphic artist Eduving Porras Molina, creator of the Eduvismo Art style, has been awarded a prize for his participation in the «Tropical Paradise Contest» organized by the Shein group for this spring 2023, one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. Porras Molina has collaborated with SheinX for several years, contributing his versatile and dynamic art, full of colors and adaptable to different spaces and materials. His work has been published in several collections for brands in the fashion industry.

The prize that Porras Molina has received is the result of having passed the voting phase and having been chosen by an Expert Jury, Porras was the winner of the contest among more than 500 participants from around the world. The artist presented a work inspired by the spring season, which combines traditional and modern elements with his personal stamp to his Eduvismo Art Style. The prize consists of the right to publish his art in exclusive designs by Fashion Designers on the SheinX platform and receive economic compensation.

Porras Molina was very grateful and excited for the recognition and said that he will continue working with passion and creativity to offer his art to the world. He also highlighted the support he has received from SheinX and his followers on his Social Media platforms, who have valued his talent and originality.

Eduving Porras Molina is a Venezuelan graphic artist who currently resides in the United States. His Eduvismo Art style is characterized by using geometric shapes, vibrant colors and positive messages. His art can be appreciated in different media, such as clothing, accessories, bottles, murals and more. His goal is to convey joy and optimism through his creations.

Eduvismo Art is a geometric art full of color and versatility, created by Eduving Porras Molina. His designs are full of different characters, shapes and color compositions, which result in dynamic and varied Artistic Illustrations. His works reflect his cheerful and fun personality, as well as his love for pop culture and urban art. His works have been exhibited in different countries and have received praise from critics and the public.

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