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Entornointeligente.com / Jacquie Stephens has lived through too many South Florida storms to face hurricane shopping at Publix or Costco again.

?Shopping there during a storm is very Lord of the Flies ,? said Stephens, a Philadelphia native who moved to South Florida 35 years ago. ?People will fight you for those last rolls of toilet paper and bread. You see accidents in the parking lot from people fighting over a space and then they send their kids inside to sit on water.?

So as Hurricane Irma bears down on the U.S.

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mainland and local stores see their H20 shelves running bare, Stephens turned to an option only possible in the digital age: Amazon.

By Friday at the latest, two pallets of bottled water plus cleaning supplies, canned vegetables and granola bars should arrive at her West Palm Beach home, which she shares with her husband and six dogs.

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All for $68.


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