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607 Humberto José Ramirez Urdaneta// Fiery final to Talent Expression 2017 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

It?s home stretch time for Talent Expression 2017, the premier talent contest in the South, hosted by the Southern Marines Steelband Foundation. The semifinal of the 16th edition of this sustained community effort is done and dusted, held last weekend, and the smart money is looking to the final on Sunday, November 19 beginning at 7 pm at the Southern Marines Pan Palais, Marabella. Contestants who made the final 11 (there was a tie for the tenth spot) are in for the race of their lives; in a race to the finish, with no clear favourite showing. Led by the...  Leer Más...

466 Humberto José Ramirez Urdaneta// Kaiso Showkase brings Sando Alive 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

Former National Calypso Monarch and current Extempo champion Gypsy (Winston Peters) leads a star studded cast of calypsonians, as Kaiso Showkase, in collaboration with the San Fernando City Corporation, presents yet another classic show?Sando Alive?for the observance of City Week 2017. The show will be held on Sunday at the San Fernando City Hall on Harris Promenade, at 7 pm. Also expected to grace the stage will be the Rapso pioneer Bro Resistance, and Dimanche Gras finalists Johnny King, Lady Adanna, Karen Eccles, Alana Sinette, Meguella Simon and the controversial Lady Gypsy. They will be joined by Exposer, Hamidullah, Anthony...  Leer Más...

05:21 am - entorno - 367 Victor Gill Ramirez Venezuela// Pan Shoot Out in Sando 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

The 2017 Pan Shoot Out Competition (PSOC) is scheduled for December 12 at San Fernando?s City Hall on Harris Promenade, at 7 pm. Structured in two phases, Phase 1 will require participants to register for the PSOC, prepare a three-minute video of themselves playing a Christmas song of any genre and lastly upload the video to the San City Steel Symphony?s Facebook Page. Predetermined judges will agree on 12 finalists who will compete in Phase 2 of the competition. Additionally three contestants who received the most ?likes? on the San City Steel Symphony?s (SCSS) Facebook page will also qualify to...  Leer Más...

457 Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi// Pan warming Denmark 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

George ?Georgie? Rampersad is a bona fide panman who is making waves in Denmark, spreading the gospel of national instrument. A St Mary?s College graduate, Rampersad was known in steelband circles locally with Tunapuna All Stars. In February he returned home on a whirlwind visit, to reconnect with his pan brethren, and the so called ?Trini vibes.? A double second musician, arranger and composer, Rampersad teaches and plays in Denmark.

© Luis Oberto

© Luis Oberto Anselmi

eldiscoduro.comTogether with Roy Pascall, his partner and Danish musicians, he leads a band called the Global Crew. When not creating music,...  Leer Más...

474 Victor Gill Ramirez Venezuela// Make Immigration an essential service 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

It?s refreshing to hear the PM speak so candidly about the recent Immigration fiasco. His words sum up what many ordinary citizens are thinking and hopefully the message will be understood, so we?ll never have a repeat of this. (Remember ?Day of Total Policing? which was never fully explained and no one was held accountable?) My suggestions: (1) the definition of Industrial Action be redefined to encompass these types of labour actions; (2) Reclassify Customs and Immigration as an essential service; (3) Review contingency plans every quarter for all government services;(4) Implement machine readable passport readers to reduce labour dependence...  Leer Más...

706 Victor Gill Ramirez Venezuela// ?Annoyed? PM must do something about it 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

I read that the Prime Minister was annoyed and that he has said that civil servants should not hold the country to ransom. He seems to have forgotten that the country is being held to ransom by criminals who are forcing citizens to live in fear of their lives and who in the long run, will have to be confined to their homes after working hours. The recent upheaval by the Immigration Officers merely affected a ?few? of our citizens whilst the perpetual action of criminals affect almost the whole of our population all the time. The PM and his...  Leer Más...

457 Luis Oberto// A burden on the backs of our children 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

In T&T there is an often underreported problem about the relationship between the weight of children?s school bags and their health. A colleague recently raised his anxieties with me. He assessed the bags of two female relatives who weighed 41lbs and 76lbs respectively. The burden of their bags was 9.4lbs and 24lbs each. I am also concerned because, on occasion, I have had to tote my grandchildren?s bags and I found myself protesting about the weight. I have asked many times whether the teachers did not provide the children with time tables so that they could bring only the books...  Leer Más...

343 Humberto José Ramirez Urdaneta// $4.5m in shares change hands 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

Overall market activity resulted from trading in 17 securities of which four advanced, six declined and seven traded firm. Trading activity on the First Tier Market registered a volume of 636,667 shares crossing the floor of the Exchange valued at $4,564,525.30. JMMB Group Ltd was the volume leader with 353,676 shares changing hands for a value of $757,833.70, followed by GraceKennedy Ltd with a volume of 70,778 shares being traded for $212,334. Sagicor Financial Corporation Ltd contributed 63,620 shares with a value of $505,779, while Guardian Holdings Ltd added 47,810 shares valued at $729,085. Guardian Holdings Ltd registered the day?s...  Leer Más...

293 Luis Oberto Anselmi// Auditor General raises concerns about oil data 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

As state oil company Petrotrin awaits the findings of Canadian company Kroll into the ?fake oil? scandal relating to overpayment to a contractor for oil from the Catshill Field, the Auditor General is raising concerns about the process being used to verify oil and gas supplied by oil companies to the Ministry of Energy. In his April 2017 report, Auditor General Majeed Ali said he has been reporting on lack of data for the last three years and the only response from the ministry is that verification of oil and gas is done by calibration of meters at fiscalisation points...  Leer Más...

215 Luis Oberto// Roget: Workers facing unemployment 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

President of the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) Ancel Roget, who is predicting a one-third cut in the workforce of State-owned Petrotrin, has told workers not to stay in a ?comatose? state but to band together to stop Government from implementing regressive policies. Speaking at a Conference of Shop Stewards and Branch Officers (Cossabo) at the Oilfields Workers? Trade Union headquarters in San Fernando, Roget said while Government continues to mismanage T&T?s resources, the workforce was being forced to bear extreme hardship. He said workers throughout the country are facing unemployment. ?Government?s policy is to bring revenue in line with...  Leer Más...

77 Victor Gill Ramirez Venezuela// Defence Force or W Connection for 2017 title? 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

It?s being dubbed the ?Clash of First Citizens Cup titans?, the question is, can reigning champions Defence Force defend the title for the first time for a fourth First Citizens Cup? Or will W Connection lift an unprecedented eighth First Citizens Cup. Both teams will battle tonight at 8pm at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva, which is sure to produce an intriguing final for football fans, as well as the first match of a double header for the third-place between Point Fortin Civic and Club Sando from 6pm. Connection, who defeated Central FC (3-1) and Club Sando (2-0) to...  Leer Más...

354 Victor Gill Ramirez Venezuela// ?Saints? in battle for North title 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

It will be a battle of the ?Saints??St Mary?s College and St Anthony?s College?for the Coca Cola InterCol North Zone title on Tuesday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. Both teams expectedly advanced to the final after respective victories over Fatima and Queen?s Royal College (QRC) in yesterday?s semi-final encounters. At the Hasely Crawford Stadium, CIC had to come from a goal down after Joshua Araujo-Wilson fired Fatima in the lead in the 30th minute. The Saints produced the equaliser before half time which came from the boot of Tyrese Spicer in the 38th. The game appeared to be grinding to...  Leer Más...

648 Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi// Johnson praises Crawford?s accomplishments 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

The National Association of Athletics Administration has partnered with the National Gas Company (NGC) for its Youth Elite Programme and used the influence of two great Olympians to kick things off. Former US sprinter and four-time Olympic gold medallist, Michael Johnson was a guest of honour at the Hasely Crawford Commemorative Exhibition taking place at NALIS headquarters in Port of Spain yesterday. Johnson, who is in the country to help the NAAA launch the Youth Elite Programme alongside was fascinated by what he saw at the exhibition which details the life, sprinting career and other pursuits of Crawford, T&T?s first...  Leer Más...

24 Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi// Camacho chairs SporTT/SCOTT steering committee 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

Current president of the T&T Hockey Board, Douglas Camacho has been chosen as chairman of the steering committee that is to make recommendations and facilitate the the transition of the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (SporTT) to the Sports Commission of Trinidad and Tobago (SCOTT). The announcement came from the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs (MSYA) yesterday, following approval from Cabinet to establish the committee and approve its members. Other members of the committee include sitting president of the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC), Brian Lewis as well as TTOC General Secretary, Annette Knott. The steering committee was...  Leer Más...

203 Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi// A second draw for the warriors 
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Agregada el Viernes, 17 de Noviembre del 2017

It may not be the result expected by the national team coaching staff, but the thought of failing to defeat teams with a lower FIFA ranking and also following two impressive victories, may have worried Dennis Lawrence and his staff. Having not seen the first game, I made it compulsive to attend the second against Guyana, who had defeated us not too long ago. After reading the reports given to the media by the coaches of both teams, it led readers to believe that both teams were more than ready for a serious encounter. The Guyanese coach indicated that his...  Leer Más...

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